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What’s in your box?

What’s in your box? Often times we find ourselves running around trying to find space to put all of our boxes when maybe we need to check the box to see if we even need it.

Maybe < really does = >. Good talk but we each have to adapt it for ourselves.

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AppAdvice great app finder for iPhone

I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about one of the more useful apps on the iPhone to find other apps when they go on sale or free. AppAdvice is what I would consider one of the top two apps for finding apps on the iPhone. The other one is AppShopper. AppAdvice also puts out a free app call “Apps Gone Free” which is a quick snapshot of apps that are worth looking at that day.


They update this part pretty often...

This app has some really good research features when trying to decide if you want to buy an app for the iPhone and it’s even worth paying for if you don’t catch it while it’s free. That’s right, if you hurry you can get it for free.


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